Minutes & Agenda

Fulton K-8
SSC Meeting
May 6, 2022









Action Requested


1. Call to Order





2. SSC Business


  • Approval of Minutes


  • Title I Resource: Expense Transfer.


  • Budget Revew and Proposal for Budget Spending and Transfers of Monies



  • RoundTable: Wellness Room







































  • Transferring money Resource Supplies, to Title I Supplies
  • Purchasing new Items for Wellness room.



































  • Approval of SPSA


  • Voting


  • Roundtable/Closure































 Fulton K-8 School

SSC Meeting

Meeting Minutes                                                                   May 6, 2022                                               


Members present:


Parents/Community Members


Quorum was met

Emmitt Dodd, Principal

Ivy Pique, Parent (year 1)


Stephanie Ropp, Classroom Teacher (year 2)

Merila Lett, Parent (year 1)


Shelley Vanderhoofven , Classroom Teacher (year 1)

Veronica Munoz, Parent (year 1)


Angelica Conner, Classroom Teacher (year 1)

Liberty Mones, Parent (year 2)


Dorchella James, Other School Representative (year 1)



Rachel Patton, Parent (year 1)


Zoom ID: 460 607 2892





Meeting Summary

  1. Call to Order
  • Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by SSC Chairperson Ivy Pique


  1. SSC Business
    1. Approval of Minutes
  • Action Item: Approval of minutes for March 9, 2021: Ivy Pique, SSC Chairperson

Motion to approve the minutes made by Stephanie Ropp. Seconded by Dorchella James. Approved unanimously.

  1. Transfer of expenses,

Resource 30100

  • Action Item: Emmitt Dodd, Principal

Motion to approve transfer of monies made by Merila Lett. Seconded by Dorchella James. Approved unanimously.


Transfer $5,777.96 from 0119-00000-00-4301-1000-1110-01000-0000 to 0119-30100-00-4301-1000-1110-01000-0000

  1. Transfer Budget

Resource 30100 and 30106

  • Action Item: Emmitt Dodd, Principal

Motion to transfer of budget by Stephanie Ropp. Seconded by Rachel Patton. Approved unanimously.


Transfer $4,173.00 Counselor Hrly From 0119-30100-00-1260-3110-0000-01000-0000.

Transfer $3,141.00 Supplies From 01119-30100-00-4301-1000-1110-01000-0000

Transfer $14,466.00 Counselor From 0119-30106-00-1210-3110-0000-01000-0000

Transfer $9,991.00 Employee Benefits From 0119-30106-00-3000-3110-0000-01000-0000


Transfer $5,235.00 Counselor TO 0119-30100-00-1210-3110-0000-01000-0000

Transfer $2,079.00 Employee Benefits TO 0119-30100-00-3000-3110-0000-01000-0000

Transfer $24,457.00 Supplies TO 0119-30106-00-4301-1000-1110-01000-0000

  • Open

Wellness Room: Emmitt Dodd, Principal






Minutes recorded by Shelley Vanderhoofven, Secretary




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